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we at MPS offer a
one-team facilities management approach to all of our clients 


as a result, we deliver a suite of
self-delivered hard and soft services


working hand-in-hand with you,
we can fulfill any combination of needs
or one-off project contracts


Financial Services

On-site coordinated facilities management team

This client is a global financial services firm with over ten sites in the UK including their head office in the city of London. They wanted an on-site facilities management team to look after all aspects of building maintenance including compliant risk analysis, post room logistics, IT support and environmental management.

Public Sector

M&E plant
refurbishment projects

For one of the government’s largest departments, we provide M&E installation projects and services at key sites across the UK. These projects include improving heating, electrical and ventilation facilities working in the plant rooms and elsewhere on their sites.

Property Agents

Ad hoc multi-site facilities management services

We work for international commercial property agents who are responsible for numerous buildings throughout the UK. This can cover stadiums, hospitals, universities, factories, industrial parks and city centre office buildings. We provide reactive maintenance services, mechanical and electrical installations, internal office reorganisation projects and contract cleaning.



As a facilities management service provider, we offer a one-team approach to you our client. Offering a broad suite of services, we can help you improve energy performance, lower costs and increase efficiencies. MPS offer a turnkey service managing your facilities, enabling you to focus on the core elements of your business. Through our experience, we bring innovation and new ideas to the fore to improve services.

With ever evolving regulatory and compliance changes, we have a responsibility on your behalf: to find and manage the right technical resources; have our finger-on-the-pulse to changes in industry and compliance regulations; solve all facilities management challenges; and meeting your KPIs by installing integrated reporting systems and introducing new technologies.






MPS is passionate about quality. Our aim? To provide facilities management and project delivery services that not only meets agreed contractual specifications and standards, but also satisfies or exceeds your service requirements. Doing what we say we will and retaining full accountability for our actions, but always realigning our services to provide better solutions.

Hard Services

  • Performance Reporting / Processes / Resourcing

  • Mechanical & Electrical PPM

  • Building Fabric Maintenance

  • Forward Maintenance Programme, Maintenance Strategy, Reactive Maintenance

  • Asset Verification

  • Building Management & Maintenance

  • Office Reorganisation / Office Space

  • IT / Data room design, build and 
    back-up support strategy

  • IT / Data Room single point
    of failure analysis

  • Bespoke joinery

  • Fabric Services

  • Environmental management

  • Energy management

  • Reactive maintenance

  • Mechanical & Electrical Installation

  • Building Statutory Compliance

  • Statutory test and inspection

Soft Services

  • Help Desk Services & Computer aided FM

  • Post Room Logistics

  • Cleaning

  • Landscaping

  • Pest Control



MPS employs a dedicated team with the ability to apply the very best level of expertise and whose specific job functions optimise any solutions we develop. As such, understanding how we can apply solutions to other challenges we encounter and through design optimisation, service enhancement, continuous improvements, and an in-depth understanding of supply chains we develop new best practices harnessing the latest technologies. We achieve results and shape our services to assimilate into your company’s culture – we always have your needs in mind.


MPS is staffed with over 100 employees based not only in London but also in our ever-expanding on-site client premises around the UK.



MPS is passionate about quality. We aim to provide facilities management and project delivery services that not only meet agreed contractual specifications and standards, but also satisfy or exceed our clients’ service requirements.

Our quality management systems have been independently assessed and registered to ISO 9001 certification. The MPS focus on quality ensures that our clients can be confident that they are in safe hands, and trust us to manage some of their most business critical processes, from IT support services, project delivery, health and life safety services, through to soft support services.

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020 7628 8542

020 7628 8542

Managed Property Services (UK) Ltd

1164 London Road


Managed Property Services (UK) Ltd

registered in England, number 8356757
VAT number 157 541 695

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